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that bernanke was talking tough. and they said the fed's role in the fiscal cliff negotiations is to communicate. >> tell the world and the individuals in the political establishment that they have to help get their act together or we have a problem, and that notion of preaching from the pulpit that he has is very fundamental. >> susie: is there another role or more of a role for the fed? >> i think to be a cheerleader and to be on the sidelines telling the government they have to do what is right for the public. >> susie: as for what the fed can do if the u.s. heads into recession because of the fiscal cliff, bernanke says, not much. >> in the worse case scenario, where the economy goes off the broad fiscal cliff, the largest fiscal cliff, which, according the c.b.o. and our analys, would send the u.s. economy into recession, i don't think the fed has the tools to offset that. >> susie: members of the audience agreed. >> he was very frank in saying, you know, "we can try," he essentially said, "we will try, but we don't have anything in our arsenal that comes close." >> susie: bernanke is alrea
to let them go. all of this is occurring in the context of the fiscal cliff negotiations and what lindsey graham was suggesting was that if you close some of the loopholes and deductions and revenue goes up, that's not raising taxes apparently grover norquist sees it differently but interestingly enough, there is a push then from the left as well and there are unions that have taken out ads to pressure democratic senators not to compromise. >> how do we move our country forward and reduce the deficit? by creating jobs and growing our economy. not by cutting programs that families rely on most. we need senators udall to continue to stand up for us. >> jennifer: do you think that democrats are going to feel as pressured by the unions as republicans feel pressured by grover norquist? >> organized labor is the best organized, most effective strongest arm on the left in this country. they are a great ally for the democratic party and so, of course the democrats will feel pressure from labor. they are also going to feel
. but is it their fault? and who is going to pay? plus it has the pow i and the fiscal cliff negotiations? looks like old sites may be stopping as they prepare their version of the deal. we will find off the top republican with the final outcome but look like. more money coming up. from maine to maui, thousands of high school students across the country are getting in on the action by volunteering in their community. it's great, helping others, and it feels good, too. are you in? whoa! anyone can do it. all it takes is a little time. are you in? chris young: action teams of high school students are joining volunteers of america and major league baseball players to heltrain and inspire the next generation of volunteers. it's easy to start an action teamt your school soso you, too, can get in on the action. melissa: potential fraud rocking wall street. hewlett-packard acquires a company for more than $10 billion. now hp says the exact cook the books to get the deal donn. adam shapiro has been covering the story all day and it's you with the details. we also have former u.s. attorney and federal prosecutor.
weathered those attacks and the came out on top. so when they come to a fiscal cliff negotiation, they're saying why should we compromise when you attacked us on the paul ryan budget and we're still standing? voters voted for us. so i think it's less likely we're going to see kind of a grand compromise because both sides are very entrenched. >> woodruff: even with that small pick-up of democrats in the house and even though the presidential vote was bigger than the overall house republican vote? >> right. i mean that's... both camps, you know,. >> woodruff: we'll have an argument. >> i think when it comes to the .. tre's all sorts of discussion on the fiscal cliff. president obama and speaker boehner are probably more willing to compromise, but their caucuses and their parties are very entrenched. i don't think we know what's going to happen out of this. >> woodruff: we certainly don't. nathan gonzales of the rothenberg political report, thank you for coming back to talk to us. >> thank you so much. >> brown: now that new york and new jersey have been hit by two destructive storms in l
to put the fiscal cliff negotiations on c-span, good idea. that was grover norquist in our last hour. he wants more transparency in the congressional talks. check the big board, not much going on, up 18 points on very low volume. i want to turn to a specific stock, sales force.com, the software company. it is way up. i want to know why. nicole: we're talking about cloud computing. i mean you know the phrase, right, and everybody has been talking about it, and now sales force involved with this. you can see here up 7%. at the same time, they had results that beat analyst expectations so the stock is up 6.7% right now. a great day for sales force.com. stuart: got it. thank you very much. california continues to push the green agenda. a carbon credit auction sells out. the state forces automakers to build zero emission cars. and remember, the president obama he won california by 20 points. mike reagan got that right. listen to this. >> does president obama win california by 10 points or 15 points? >> 20. [laughter] stuart: there's still room in my house for you in new jersey. okay? >> see y
, welcome to "squawk on the street" i'm carl cramer is off today. some word the fiscal cliff negotiations are not getting off to a good start. moderate red arrows. european leaders failed to reach a bailout payment to greece and will try monday. road map starts on the busiest travel day of the year. there are signs it could be a big quarter for airline and travel, but traditional toys look weak. walmart may have protesters outside its doors on friday. >> deer misses earnings, and the market shrugs it off. >> turmoil in israel with a bomb explosion on board a bus today and a rumored cease-fire that never happened. crude is up $1 as the secretary of state has arrived in cairo. a big day full of planes, trains and automobiles with tens of millions of americans set to embark on their holiday weekend journeys. our phil lebeau is in chicago with more on the holiday travel landscape. how painful is it going to be? >> you know, carl f you're traveling, you always need a little more patience thanksgiving weekend. for the airlines, they're keeping their fingers crossed because if you look at a map
: democrats telling the president we should go over the fiscal cliff and negotiate after. what that could mean to you. heather: major changes are coming to our healthcare system. specifics how it will affect you and your doctor. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ." heather: fox news alert for you, ramped up diplomatic efforts to bring a cease-fire to the middle east. as violence between israel and hamas escalates massive new explosions seen in gaza city this morning after terrorists bombed a bus in tel-aviv. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom
. >>> now, let's head to wall street. >> good morning, nootly. after intense focus on the fiscal cliff negotiations, the markets could put the spotlight back on the european debt crisis amid a deadlock in greek debt talks. it's going to be a quiet day. it's the day before thanksgiving. u.s. economic data is not yet on the -- consumer sentiment data, jobless claims and an outlook indicator to give us guidance for the markets today. >> mandy drury, have a happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> thanks. this could be the best night on the basketball court ever. jack taylor obliterated the ncaa record last night when he scored and scored and scored again. 138 points in a single game. making 52 of 108 attempted shots. the previous scoring record was set back in 1954 with 113 points. the feat is so impressive even the pros are tipping hats with kevin durant tweeting, jack taylor, you deserve a shot of jack daniel's after that performance. not going to help him out in his performance ahead. we'll talk to him, though, coming up shortly. which is fantastic. matt, savannah and al. >> his arm must hur
an even better negotiating position. do you support perhaps going over the fiscal cliff? >> i believe that at the end that won't happen. i think that would have very tough consequences because you know we're not just talking about the bush tax cuts but the alternative minimum tax, talking about payroll taxes. we're talking with about the fix. so there are several things that would hit taxpayers. what the president has proposed and what i support is reducing taxes on 98% of the u.s. public and that is reducing taxes -- or keeping the tax cut in place for those who make less than $250,000. you know and i know that what tends to happen in these situations is at the last minute things get resolved. i don't think they will be resolved as big as tax reform, but i do believe we will resolve it and will not have to result in the united states going over the fiscal cliff. i think it would send a very dangerous significaal around th world, but it would also compromise our economy. >> and, quickly, there's a lot of speculation about what type of deal, what the deal will actually look like, talks
and didn't. >> we weren't going to get the negotiations required to sail off of the fiscal cliff. >> there's the tax hike romney's question i consider them very different projects. obama is trying to put them together. the same way he wants you to -- what i hear is that one or all of them will be sailing off january 1st and the quit jumping medicare because they get 30% less i believe the member is the payroll taxes go up which weeks all the people of that have never heard of the sequester. i am having a very difficult time visualizing with what february looks like when the press gets a hold of this and then all of a sudden we also have the debt limit. i just can't see what we are going to do. >> the debt limit is an additional tool to explain to obama that he isn't the king and like henry viii you have to go to the parliament for money. he might want to nationalize monastery's but i don't think he can get as much these days as back then with that approach so he has to go to the parliament, has to go to congress for the resources for the debt ceiling, for all of these things. and look it w
care and john boehner, if he seriously thinks it's up for negotiations in this fiscal cliff talks has to be crazy. out of his mind if president obama or democrats have a reason to give up on something that the american people approved. it is just not going to happen. they need to move on. >> zachary, one thing about the fiscal cliff, because there are certain rumors, whispers, that is, from senator like patty murray who says that they would be willing to see the country go off the fiscal cliff. are there benefits to watching everybody go over? >> well, look. this like the debt ceiling is a created, dramatic target date. meaning, it is true that all of these things would happen if january 1 comes and for the entirety of 2013 neither congress nor the president agrees on any changes and then the forecasts of the consequences of these -- >> the sun comes up on january 1st. right? >> it still does and then $4,000, $5,000 hit to middle class families and only true if a year passes with this going on and congress does nothing. i would say if you're dramatically cynical and the state of washi
to u.s. leaders negotiating over the so- called fiscal cliff about the serious financial impact looming on the horizon. that's where we begin this morning. how confident are you about the state of the u.s. economy? what steps are you taking to prepare for the potential impact if the u.s. goes off the fiscal cliff? give us a call this morning. you can also catch up with us on all your favorite social media sites, twitter or facebook. or e-mail us. thismorning to you on wednesday, november 21. we are talking about federal reserve chairman ben bernanke's comments yesterday about the fiscal cliff, and getting your thoughts on bthe u.s. economy. and this headline -- also, in the financial times -- to tell little bit more about ben bernanke's , and sister day we turn to david clarke of "politico," their financial services editor. thanks for joining us. guest: thanks for having me. host: what is making the most waves from his speech? guest: in the past he has warned that congress and the president's path to take care of the fiscal cliff. yesterday he said it is not simply doing it but how they
it could be the beginning of simultaneous tax hikes and spending cuts. >> talking about t fiscal cliff and everyone is talking about it including the u.s. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. he warned the imminent fiscal cliff poses a stashlg threat to the nation's economy and does say cooperation to resolve budget worries could boost u.s. growth. >> the realization of all of the automatic tax increases and spending cuts that make up the fiscal cliff ab isn't offsetting changes would pose a substantial threat to the recovery. >> the central bank chief urged the government and congressional leaders to take prompt action. president obama is negotiating for a resolution with republicans but bernanke says delays in reaching an agreement would raise uncertainty over the u.s. economic outlook. he added avoiding a fiscal cliff is essential for the american economy. bernanke says a plan for resolving the nation's longer term budgetary issues without harming recovery could make 2013 a very good year for americans. japan's trade balance for october sank into the red for a fourth straight mont
're trying to drag it into the negotiations over the fiscal cliff, which does not sound like compromise to me. what am i missing? >> what they're thinking here is you can use smoke and mirrors to block the thing. you can send misses to health and human services to gin up all kinds of things to keep republicans happy. they're talking about blocking implementation of something the american electorate has voted on and supreme court has held constitutional. i find this to be a little scary. >> i think it's a lot scary. i think it outs them about not being sincere about wanting to work with the president at all. a final question to you. a month from today the congress is going on vacation. that's how long we have to get this fiscal cliff situation. are democrats going to hold their spine and stand up to republicans on this? there's a lot of anxiety on the left about this. >> i think there is. while i think the president, if he could get it, would like to have a big deal before christmas. i think it's doubtful it will happen. i think the john boehner op-ed shows you why. boehner is still guarding h
investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. gerri: with all the talk of the looming fiscal cliff, you would think congress would be hard at work in d.c. negotiating a deal. you would be wrong. they're on thanksgiving recess. if not for the country is facing a nancial disaster or anything. oh wait, we really are. joining me n, doug holtz-eakin. former cbo director under president george w. bush. always a pleasure to have you on the show. today the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned congress, said look, i can't help you out if you go over the fiscal cliff, there is nothing the federal reserve can really do at this point. do you think congress realizes, understands the stakes here? >> i hope they do, this is a clear and present danger to the u.s. economy and it is not just what happens if we go over the fiscal cliff, it is actually affecting the economy right now. a big drag of business confidence, businesses are already t doing very well, negative investment, really cannot afford to make the situation any worse and we have heard some members of congress talk about going o
issue of the nondefense discretionary come as any negotiations on the fiscal cliff. unfortunately they don't talk about how much money should title one day, pokhran skit because it's part of this bigger pot of money. our goal is to get rid of the sequestering protect nondefense discretionary. i will say there have been republicans or are republicans who are big fans in particular funding for special education for children to disabilities. it's one of the more bipartisan programs. there's also a program called impact in which doesn't help urban areas as much. it's really near military bases and provides extra funding. it's very bipartisan. there are some republicans come at a tea party types whose position would be all federal funding for education is a complete waste of money and we should get rid of that and abolish education so the last correcting essays we are hopeful in any deal to get additional money for education. the president and his job so called for funding for 100,000 new teachers. he called for $30 million to renovate modern school buildings. but the chunk directly al
that is productive and happy. >> and back at you all. >> thank you. >>> who do you trust more on the fiscal cliff? ben bernanke or rush limbaugh. rush thinks he holds some cards in the looming negotiations. can congress cut out the middlemen, the drama and make a deal? we will discuss next on "now." look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine.
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that will get us past the fiscal cliff. they will open themselves that they are kicking the can down the road. what they want to do is have longer-term negotiations about the big cuts. and brad was talking about potential increases for concessions in terms of actual tax revenue. that's going to take a long time. they're not going to get it done in the two weeks that they have before the start of the year in the fiscal cliff. so they will make some deals about extending the tax cuts in exchange potentially closing some loopholes you say the problem is not from the republicans, he could get more pressure from the right. he has been meeting with people like the unions, he has been meeting people with some of the liberal groups that have come in and said, you know, he doesn't have another election coming, but they don't them to be sold out in order to get a deal and avoid the fiscal cliff. he wants them to put pressure on republicans. the pressure is actually coming from the left on the president. i don't think it's getting much attention from the press. if the president does anything they don't
on the moon, neil armstrong. just before 11. >> lawmakers continue to address the so-called fiscal cliff, grover norquist out and president of americans for tax reform recently spoke about the negotiations at the 2012 election results. mr. norquist is known for the pledge for getting signatories from a green to any tax increases to reduce the deficit. this hour 20 minute event was hosted by the center for the national interest. >> i am delighted to have grover norquist with us. grover, of course is president of americans for tax reform, but in the spirit of full disclosure, grover is also a member of our board of directors and a very import and college. grover spoke here several months ago, i should say here at the center, but not exactly in this room, because we just have moved it to american progress. i apologize in advance. i'm sure we will do better next time. however, grover spoke at the center several months ago, and he talked about taxes. he talked about u.s. economic policy, but that was about taxes and the electoral campaign. now we've had elections, and the tax center is at the
covered. new signs of fiscal cliff has people worried after months of gains, consumer sentiment waning last month. this was a surprise. they worried consumers not what retailers want to hear this holiday shopping season. paypal joins us on the trend that it is seeing. one of the biggest travel base
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